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About Us

A Reputation 12 Years in the Making


Front Rowe Automotive is a family owned and operated headlight restoration company serving our local community and surrounding areas for 12 years. Our certified technicians are ready to deal with any headlight repair needed or windshield issues you may be experiencing.  The business continues to grow because of  dedication to quality and service.


Front Rowe Automotive is the highest quality headlight restoration company ever. We provide a long-lasting guarantee, impeccable service that you can trust, and  at a fair price. We repair domestic and foreign vehicles and are your best choice for scheduled maintenance of your car, SUV, truck and fleet vehicles.

Our team specializes in many different types of vehicles, and since they work on a wider variety of vehicles than their dealer counterparts, their overall expertise is greater, too. By working on many makes and models, our technicians can be trusted to properly diagnose challenging repairs and other issues. As headlight technology advances, our team is on the cutting edge of education & skills.

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