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Headlight Resurfacing

A Full Resurfacing of your old lights brings back the clarity, light out put and pristine look your vehicle has been needing.


Headlight and Tail Light Replacement

We are sad to see it go to. But if your light problems go past what our miracle hands can do, we also offer replacement options to make you back whole again


Tail Light and Headlight Gouges

Did your car get into a fight with a shopping cart? We have the fix, from small to large, we can repair those unsightly gouges so you never knew they were there.



Headlight Moisture Removal and Reseal

Wait a second, this a headlight, not an aquarium!  Stop the water problem once and for good with our water correction technology.  It keeps your headlight dry and sealed up the way it was meant to be.

Glass Chip Repair

Rocks present a large problem to your glass windshield.  Get them fixed right, it not only with stabilize the broken glass but improve clarity to the unsightly glass break.  Repairing your windshield your way of helping the environment and enables you to keep your factory installed OEM glass.

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